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 Wesmosis' Windows Xp Pre-sp3 V2.5!

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مُساهمةموضوع: Wesmosis' Windows Xp Pre-sp3 V2.5!    الإثنين مايو 23, 2011 8:28 am

Wesmosis' Windows Xp Pre-sp3 V2.5!

What's New ?

Building the whole Windows from the scratch by integrating Post-SP2Pre-Sp3 Hotfixes till 28-6-2006 , the build in winver now is .06.0411
- A Massive changes by updating all the integrated softwares and add more useful proggies.
- Updating .NET Framework v1.1 SP1 > .NET Framework v2.0
- Updating ACDsee v7.0 > ACDsee v8.1
- Updating Adobe Reader v7.0.3 > Adobe Reader v7.0.8
- Updating BS Player v1.36 > BS Player v1.39
- Updating CCleaner v1.22 > CCleaner v1.30
- Updating Firefox v1.5 > Firefox v1.5.0.4 with Extensions
- Updating Flash Player v7.0 > Flash Player v9.0
- Updating K-lite Mega Codec v1.45 > K-Lite Mega Codec v1.53
- Updating Media Player Classic v6.4.8.4 > Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0
- Updating MSN Messenger v7.5.0311 > Windows Live Messenger v8.0.0792
- Updating Sun Java2 Runtime Environment v5.0.4 > Sun Java2 Runtime Environment v5.0.7
- Updating Task Switch v2.0.7 > Task Switch Pro v2.0.9
- Updating Winamp Pro v5.1 > Winamp Pro v5.23
- Updating Yahoo! Messenger v7.0.426 > Yahoo! Messenger v7.5.0.814
- Updating Windows Media Player v10.3993 > Windows Media Player v11
- Replacing AVG Antivirus by NOD32 v2.51.26
- Adding Arabic MUI (Huge step forward)
- Adding All Sysinternals Tools
- Adding Color Selector
- Adding CPU-Z v1.34
- Adding DAMN NFO Viewer v2.10
- Adding Fedora Mouse
- Adding Folder Size v2.3 (You gotta love it)
- Adding GoogleTalk v1.0.0.92
- Adding Internet Download Manager v5.03.2
- Adding Nero ROM Burning v7.2.0.3 (Yeah 7!)
- Adding PhotoFiltre v6.1.5
- Adding Process Explorer v10.06 (Replacing Task manager)
- Adding Rename Master
- Adding TrayIt
- Adding Win Roll
- Adding Wallpaper Changer
- Adding XoftSpySE v4.26.188
- Adding XPize v4.4 (very elegant new look)
- Adding Zuma Deluxe
- Adding WPI to let you select which softwares you want to install and which not (A Milestone)
- Adding a Beautiful Wallpapers
- Adding 6 Flavors for the Royale Theme
- Changing the official Desktop Wallpaper to a butterfly one, alsochanging the default theme from Blue Royale Theme to Midnight RoyaleTheme
- Changing the Wallpaper of the CD Itself
- Adding a Funny Setup Screen (The Boy with The Injections!)
- Adding More Registry tweaks to increase the performance, speed the system…etc
- Reintegrate Movie Maker although it’s a precious 4 Mbs!
- Reintegrate The Ability to burn only by Copy/Paste (no need for 3rd party software)


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Wesmosis' Windows Xp Pre-sp3 V2.5!
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